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Many years ago, when I decided to return to China after having spent more than two decades in the U.S., I had only one thought on my mind: “The 21st century belongs to China.”

In 2005, BVCF was founded as China’s first US dollar fund that focuses on life sciences and healthcare. Since then, BVCF has embarked on an exciting adventure. BVCF chose healthcare for a simple set of rationales: China has the world’s largest population, a robust economy, rising disposable income, an inefficient healthcare system with many unmet medical needs. And more importantly: as a returnee scientist who has long worked in the field of life sciences, I consider it a great honor and mission bestowed upon me to serve my fellow countrymen.

My intuition has been proven right by the stellar track record of BVCF, which benefited greatly from the “leapfrog” development of China’s healthcare industry in the past 16 years. Our Odyssey and efforts have won us stable outsized investment returns with limited risks. And it has truly been our great privilege to rub shoulders with some of the most brilliant minds in the field and witness and support the growth of many future industry leaders.

After 16 years of exciting adventure, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards those who have given great trust and support to us. Knowing and working with you is in itself the reason of, and reward for, our hard work.

The future presents us with a lot to look forward to. Emphasis on quality of generic drugs, greater government endorsement on local innovation and R&D improvement, a more open and dynamic capital market, etc. will boost the Chinese healthcare industry to an unprecedented height, opening up a new window of historic opportunities for all.

We look forward to another decade of success!

Zhi Yang, PhD
Chairman, Founder & Managing Partner
BVCF Managment, Ltd

In 2005, Dr. Zhi Yang founded BioVeda China Fund (BVCF) after returning to China from the U.S. BVCF was the first US dollar fund that focused on life sciences and healthcare in China.

In the past 16 years, BVCF invested in nearly 50 companies, has US$722 million under management; and offered co-investment opportunities with a combined value of over US$1 billion. Its investments span across China and the U.S., covering a wide spectrum of highly promising subfields including healthcare services, innovative biologics, in-vitro diagnostics (molecular diagnostics), high-value medical devices and consumables, and medical big data and mobile medicine. BVCF has a complementary team of seasoned life science investors with global insight and local expertise.
They are Harvard PhDs, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investment bankers, physicians, and the most seasoned life science investors. Well-connected and resourceful, they have provided value-added services to all portfolio companies.

BVCF is managed under international fund governance rules in its investment and operations, offering sound, transparent and professional services and safe, sustainable and outsized returns. That is why BVCF has been able to attract a large number of renowned international institutional and strategic investors, and has been tremendously valuable to entrepreneurs by offering them global insights and access to the international market.

Life is short, that's why we always focus our undivided attention on one area, go the extra mile on every single project and never stop in our pursuit of greater excellence.

We pursue and invest in companies with sustainable innovation and unique business models, aim to build those companies into industry leaders by leveraging our experience, resources and in some cases, by rolling up our sleeves and getting actively involved in the operations.

We believe in dreams, passion and miracles; but admire down-to-earth and persistent entrepreneurs even more. It takes a combination of all these qualities to bring about China’s own titans of the life science industries.

● Grasp on opportunities and help place China to build global life science giants in the next few decades
● Forward-looking investment strategy based on keen insight into technology and market opportunities with a seasoned investment team
● Build transformative healthcare companies ahead of market opportunities